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Pencilji came into existence to fulfill the needs of what everyone craves for knowledge. Better yet, the sharing of knowledge. Students, teachers, tutors, and just about any person you know has some type of knowledge to share with the world. has provided an online marketplace and community (we prefer the term 'Army') for people to begin spreading their knowledge to others in need, to others who desire, and to others who can't live without.

Nowadays going to the library and endless hours with your head in a book trying to figure out why World War II started is boring! This is the 21 st Century and the computer has become our new book! We all know that we'd rather be surfing the web looking for information that trying to find it somewhere else. Well, that's what Pencilji is all about an Army where people share knowledge to others who seek it.

Knowledge and information will always continue to be shared, let Pencilji help get it to you!

Grow with the Pencilji Army

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