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Legal Notice, its employees, and its agents do not support or condone plagiarism, and reserve the right to refuse to supply our services to those that we suspect of such behavior.

All information provided by information shared, sold, and transferred via our services, is provided in strict accordance with our guarantees. All information that the customer supplies us with will remain strictly confidential within the confines of the company.

If you want to use or are thinking of using you must check with your university guidelines first to ensure that using a service such as ours us will not infringe them. In addition, if you are satisfied that you can use us you should also check your guidelines to see how to use us. We offer no advice on whether or how to use us, and thus cannot be held responsible for any decision in these areas.

All research, and other products and services provided by Pencilji.comís registered members remain the copyright of the registered member and all materials provided are not to be reproduced, distributed, or displayed without the express consent of the copyright holder ( registered member).

Work is provided to the customer with the understanding of the stipulations of our terms and conditions., its employees, and its agents can accept no responsibility or liability whatever for inaccuracies that may from time to time occur in our research, study guides, notes, tutor lessons, or any other type of service provided on, and the result that this may have on your final piece of work and grade.

We strongly advise all customers to read and check all work to ensure that they find any inaccuracies. All disputes are solely confined within each individual party taken place in any specific transaction on will only, if deemed necessary by Pencilji.comís own discretion, act as a mediator to remedy any disputes between registered members of, its employees, and agents in no way guarantee any mark on any piece of work that has been transferred from one registered member to another on our website through our services, nor do we guarantee any standard of degree qualification form the use of our service.

Notice: We rely on your honesty to assure us you will use our services for legitimate purposes. None of the work transferred or used through the services of is to be passed off as your own, nor is it to be reproduced either in whole or in part. This is a breach of copyright and also constitutes plagiarism. Before ordering you must fully investigate your university guidelines to ensure that you do not infringe them. If suspects its services are being used for plagiarism or other cheating we will refuse to supply them to the suspected party. is a trading name of CoreBrick. All trademarks and copyrights on the site belong and are owned by CoreBrick, any attempt to use our trademarks without out permission will subject person(s) to criminal acts and our solicitors will be forced to take legal action. All trademarks and copyrights of other organizations are recognized and respected.

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