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Notes Section enables you to easily download notes on any subject in seconds!

Users have the ability to sell their class notes by uploading them in our database. Every time your notes are purchased from a user, money will be deposited into your account. Sounds great, right? Make money and get the study material you need all in one place!

If you are a student, someone researching a particular subject, or just looking for additional information on a subject, then Pencilji Notes are for you!

Keep in Mind…

The easiest way to make money for your class notes is to upload your class notes daily.  Make sure you fill in the Class name, Course, and Professor's name in the Notes Upload section & try to be as descriptive as possible.

Sit back and relax while you are making money from all of your buddies that missed class or that are taking the same class as you. (Awesome deal, Right?)

Give 'em a Break

Don't overprice your daily class notes. Your friends probably spent most of their money at the bar last night or on that hot date (Ahh… the students life).

If you choose to upload an entire class course of notes, then price them for whatever you think it's worth. Our research show that the notes that are cheaper get maximum number of hits(and probebly more number of buyers)

Buy or sell notes using . Its as simple as 1 2 3 !

To Sell Notes
1. Login to your account, select upload notes from drop down box.
2. Fill in all the details of the notes (Try to be as accurate & descriptive).
3. Browse file and Click Upload Note.

The note will appear in our listings immediately.

To Buy Notes
1. Login to your account, select search notes from drop down box.
2. Search your desired note from simple or advanced search.
3. Pay the amount using credit-card or paypal & download the note.

Increase Your Sale
Pencilji encourages you to upload your notes. Scan or type your hard copy notes, upload it to & start making money.
Depending on your region and your preference the money earned by you will be credited in your paypal or bank account or used to recharge your mobile.

How It Works

Three simple steps to searching Notes for knowledge on any subject.

Step 1
Search Database

Step 2
Review Note Details

Step 3
Buy & Download

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